Position: Cornerback

Ellis Robinson IV

Ellis Robinson IV began his high school journey at Iona Prep – a renowned institution in New York’s sports scene. With his sights set on football greatness, his passion for the game eventually led him to the campus of IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida.

Before he left, Ellis had already left his mark on Iona, helping them clinch a city championship and a Catholic state title – the first in the school’s history. It’s no wonder he was named a MaxPreps Sophomore All-American, thanks to his impressive stat line of 29 tackles, eight interceptions, and over 700 yards of total offense.


Ellis Robinson IV is an exceptional cornerback who possesses excellent range and body control, showcasing impressive quickness and closing ability. Although he will need to gain some weight, he exhibits elite athleticism with great top-end speed.

When analyzing his game film, Ellis demonstrates exceptional positional awareness and consistently makes successful plays on the ball. His remarkable football IQ is evident as he possesses exceptional anticipation and recognition skills.

In Coverage

One of Ellis’s greatest strengths is his versatility, as he is capable of thriving in various coverages and schemes. He excels in winning leverage battles while in press coverage. With his length, closing speed, and natural anticipation skills, he has the ability to make numerous game-changing plays on the perimeter.

Run Support

Again, he will need to add some mass but is quick to come up on perimeter run support and shows he can be aggressive. He consistently takes sound angles and does not shy away from contact.

Final Words

With excellent technical skills, good length, elite ball-handling abilities, and outstanding overall athleticism, Robinson is an exceptionally skilled cornerback. Despite being lean, he has the potential to reach new heights at the next level with a weight gain of 10-15 pounds.